Rich Experience in Aerospace Machining

  • At Protomatic Aerospace, the combination of our diverse capabilities in aerospace CNC machining and our seasoned, professional team of dedicated craftsmen make us a leader in the aerospace machining industry. With services in CAD and CAM as well as aerospace milling and design capabilities, we pride ourselves on creating accurate and efficient components to your exact specifications. Protomatic Aerospace’s flexible aerospace machining capabilities allow us to work with any material preferred by our clients, whether it’s super alloys, titanium, stainless steels, special steels, aluminum, plastic, rubber, ceramics, refractory metals or an array of other materials.

    Our team at Protomatic Aerospace has access to a large inventory of advanced CNC machinery at our Michigan facility to create aircraft machine parts and aero structures. Below are just some examples of our past aerospace projects here at Protomatic.

    • Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Armored Vehicles
    • Multiple Ejector Rack (MER)
    • Triple Ejector Rack (TER)
    • Ejector Bomb Rack F/A-18
    • Firefinder AN/TQP-37
    • Improved Fresnel Lens Optical Landing System
    • Missile Launcher  F/A-18
    • Decoy Dispensing System (Countermeasures)
    • Multi-Mission Radioisotope Thermoelectric Generators
    • Advance Countermeasures Electronic Systems
    • Gun Components, Over 5.56mm up to 125mm
    • Vehicular Components
    • Rotary Wing Components
    • Fixed Wing Components
    • Custom Hardware and Fixtures
  • David Huschke Manual CMM
    Mike Boner DCC CMM