The History of Protomatic Aersopace CNC Machining

Protomatic, Inc. was founded in 1971 by William Wetzel. Previously, Wetzel had been the Supervisor of Manufacturing and Engineering at Conductron Corporation. This position allowed Wetzel to gain valuable experience with engineering, tooling and tooling fabrication. He was also trained in the design and development of exoatmospheric re-entry aids devices, helping to create prototypes and test flight hardware.

Wetzel also had experience in the design and development of missile payloads thanks to his employment at Bendix Systems Division. During this time, he worked as a Field Engineer and Technical Specialist for ballistic missile launching programs and hypervelocity wind tunnel experimentation. Additionally, Wetzel worked with high vacuum equipment, the development of solid fuel rocket motors and the operation of instruments under extreme thermal conditions.

When Wetzel founded Protomatic, he brought with him this extensive knowledge of the aerospace industry. The company quickly became a leader in the production of high-level prototyping and manufacturing for aerospace applications. Because Protomatic Aerospace has always focused on obtaining the most advanced technical equipment available, their machining services are top-notch and continue to set the standard in the aerospace industry. When combined with an expansive 30,500 square foot facility in Dexter, Michigan, Protomatic’s capacity for providing high-quality components and instrumentation is hard to beat.

  • protoype payload assemblyWilliam Wetzel (Center), working with customer representatives.
    Declassified Photos, Circa 1963
  • Payload MissilePrototype Nike Missile Nose Cone Assembly.
    Declassified Photos, Circa 1963