Expertise in the Aerospace Industry

With a broad knowledge of the aerospace industry, Protomatic Aerospace has the expertise required to accommodate the industry's most difficult requests. From a wide range of batch sizes to highly versatile CAD an CAM software, we are built to handle the aerospace industry's manufacturing and prototyping needs.

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    Wide Range of Batch Sizes

    Protomatic specializes in quantity one prototypes, but when your need increases we can accomodate you pre-production and production quantities up to 200,000 parts per year for many applications. We can do the quick turn around requirements on simple parts, or formally AS-9100 FAI controlled process parts for your critical applications.  For production parts with long term contracts we can Kanban parts for JIT (Just In Time) deliveries.

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    Variety of materials

    Experience in manufacturing parts from the elastic, malleable, to the brittle. Years of knowledge and fundamental engineering expertise allows our staff to know how to mold rubbers, machine aluminum at high-speeds, to polish and finish exotic materials from machineable ceramics, titanium, Inconel, tungsten, tantalum and other refractory materials.

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    Flexible Operations

    CNC programming gives Protomatic the flexibility to create almost any shape in mold or billet form.  CAD and CAM software capable of more than 5-Axis programming allows us to create complex shapes with ease.  Input from customer supplied CAD math data or having Protomatic create your drawings allows convienent CAM and Inspection programming with PC-DMIS.