Technical Manufacturing

Manufacturing of technically difficult parts at a reasonable cost is very demanding. Protomatic has a knowledge base of many manufacturing processes and techical support staff to make sure your project is sucessful. Protomatic in-house CNC manufacturing of 3,4,5,7 axis machining provided the basic manufacturing processes, But sometime customers demand hybrid manufacturing processes.  Protomatic is familiar with the technical limits of Milling, Turning, EDM, ECM, Extruding, Etching, Washing, Ultrasonic Cleaning, Nitrogen Gas Packaging, Anodizing,Chem Film, Phos Coatings, Dryfilm, Passivation, Black Oxide, Dow coatings, plating from Zinc to Gold, Special coatings, Priming, and top coat Painting, Supporting your special project needs. Once processes are determined, we will control the process (PFEMA) to consistent parts for all your future orders.