Why Reliability and Precision is Vital in Aerospace Components


When it comes time to choose a supplier for your aerospace CNC machining, you’ll want to make sure to choose one that is reliable and precise, because when lives are on the line (as they are every time an airplane lifts off the ground), only the best choice will be sufficient.

Certainly the first thing you will want to check for is if the CNC machining company are qualified for the required certifications and credentials. But just because two CNC Custom Manufacturers that you’re looking at both meet the requirements, it doesn’t mean they are created equal. Differentiation comes in the spirit of the company, the desire to make high precision components, and the equipment. Yet, just having the high-tech equipment is also not always a key indicator—the tools are only as good as the talent using them.

At Protomatic Aerospace, we make it our mission to show you how committed we are to quality product. That’s why we don’t just take on the phrase “life-saving precision” as our motto, but embrace it with each and every task we perform. We believe that reliability and precision are key components for all our services in designing, assembling, laser engraving, finishing, lathe turning, milling, welding, molding, and quality inspecting.

We can work with any material that you prefer, including super alloys, titanium, stainless steel, special steels, aluminum, plastic, rubber, ceramics, and refractory metals. With previous projects including mine-resistant ambush-protected armored vehicles, multiple ejector racks, missile launchers, vehicular components, advance countermeasures electronic systems, fixed wing components, custom hardware and fixtures, and more, Protomatic Aerospace is backed by the equipment, experience, and precision that you can come to rely on:

  • Fully-equipped Facility: Our facility in Michigan is well equipped to provide fast, efficient service. Our lengthy equipment list includes mills, lathes, mill/turn, presses, ovens, CAM software, CAD software, EDI scanning, barcoding, many inspection capabilities, tumblers, polishers, and more equipment for special processes.
  • Skilled Professionals: We specialize in aerospace manufacturing and have a combined knowledge base of more than 300 years of combined experience from our professional staff. We do have the talent to back the equipment.
  • Standard Practice: We have created an instruction-based manual to help machinists adhere to what we originally called “Best Practices.” But because it sounded like only a suggestion, we changed it to “Standard Practice” so that every employee knows and is using the best and most efficient methods available. As new strategies or equipment is learned, it is added to this document. All of the job functions are highly detailed. ISO Quality Management Systems do not require this to be documented, but we found that it helps eliminate manufacturing variations and failures, ensuring that our clients receive a reliable service and product.
  • Incredible Inspection: When cutting metal, it could mean just shaving off 0.001-0.005 inches with every cutting edge. The human eye cannot see the measurements that small, which is why it is so important to have microscopes that can. When a tool becomes dull, it can “smear” or “plow” the metal instead of cutting it, leaving behind an undesirable surface. We are able to—and insist to—inspect even the tiniest element to make sure the end result is as precise as possible.