Why Choose Protomatic to Develop Your Aerospace Component Prototype

Aerospace Component Prototypes

Selecting the right company to develop your aerospace component prototype can be a challenging task. Navigating the often confusing realm of certifications, protocols, standards and equipment lists, it’s easy to get lost and make the wrong decision. Protomatic Aerospace aims to simplify this process by offering all of the services that you need to complete your aerospace prototype under one roof. In this post, we’d like to give you five reasons that you should choose Protomatic Aerospace to develop your prototype.

1. State-of-the-art equipment

As specialists in CNC machining for the aerospace industry, we utilize only the best equipment available. With the ability to work with difficult materials, such as super alloys, we can confidently offer more options than any other prototype development firm.

2. The most experienced staff

Our experienced staff has a wide range of knowledge pertaining to the aerospace industry. Over the years, we’ve handled countless requests, including some of the most difficult in the industry, and can leverage this past experience to make your prototype a success.

3. In-house laboratory

At our Michigan facility we have an in-house laboratory that uses advanced technologies to thoroughly investigate every aspect of your project.

4. Adherence to aerospace standards

As an ISO-9001 certified company, we’ve proven that we’re consistently working to improve our processes. Furthermore, as we develop your prototype we’ll be certain that it adheres to aerospace standards and takes advantage of the most efficient production processes.

5. Committed to meeting your deadlines

At Protomatic Aerospace, we know that the development of aerospace component prototypes is a time-critical endeavor. At every step, we work with you to afford your prototype every opportunity to succeed. By using cutting edge technologies, our own experience and our in-house laboratory, we guarantee that your aerospace prototype will be delivered on time, every time. If you’ve been looking for a valuable, experienced partner to help complete your aerospace project, contact us today to learn how the team at Protomatic Aerospace can help.