How Protomatic’s Innovative Approach Simplifies the Manufacturing of Your Aerospace Components

Aerospace Components Manufacturing

Innovation is one of the driving forces behind the evolution of the aerospace industry. As new technologies are developed and new materials are investigated, applications are discovered that require novel solutions and innovative approaches. From advanced machining capabilities to comprehensive design support, Protomatic Aerospace has consistently led the industry in innovation. In this post, we’d like to discuss how our dedication to innovation benefits your aerospace component manufacturing process.

More materials mean more options

When manufacturing an aerospace component or prototype, you need to carefully consider all of your material options. While most manufacturers restrict you to common, easily-machined materials, Protomatic’s capabilities allow you to work with elemental materials, refractory materials and super alloys, which provides you with more options and more paths to success.

A large, diverse team means faster, more efficient service

Our large facilities in Michigan, combined with our diversified staff and capabilities means that you can expect the fastest, most efficient service available. As a leading contract manufacturer of aerospace components, we perform regular, comprehensive testing and quality inspection to ensure that our clients’ expectations are met.

Better equipment means better results

Continually expanding our equipment list, our customers have access to the most diverse CNC machining capabilities available. From a 4-Axis Optical Vision System to an 8-Axis CNC Mill-Turn machine, we have the equipment you need to make your component a reality.

At Protomatic Aerospace, our commitment to innovation is what separates us from our competition. A wide range of capabilities, the ability to work with difficult materials, our highly-trained staff and our massive equipment list are only a handful of the ways that we demonstrate our dedication to providing our clients with the most thorough, effective aerospace component manufacturing services. If you’ve been looking for a manufacturer that will work with you to turn your component concept into a marketable product, contact us today to learn more.