Key Trends in the Aerospace Manufacturing Industry

Aerospace Manufacturing

Manufacturing in general is going through a revolutionary phase. With changing consumer habits, and ever-growing progress in computing power, we are seeing entirely new ways to design and manufacture products and equipment. Companies who are not adopting new systems and technologies are going to be left behind. This is very evident in the aerospace manufacturing industry, where the benefits gained by adopting new technologies are critical to prosperity in the industry.

Generative design

Generative design comes from generational advances in computing and software. With the new design software available, parameters can be put into the system and design the most optimal part for its intended use. As an example, you are able to input the loads that a bracket will be under in flight, which will allow the software to optimize the design based on the components load bearing needs. The new design solutions will undoubtedly mean evolving shapes in the industry.

Cross manufacturing

These new shapes will require an updated manufacturing process. Additive manufacturing will allow the complex geometries, a product of generative design, to be created more efficiently than traditional methods. However, additive manufacturing is not best for every design application.

Subtractive manufacturing is useful at times in aerospace manufacturing, but it can be very inefficient and wasteful. Oftentimes, a lot of material ends up being thrown away during the manufacturing process. The best option is to use both processes as a hybrid. A component can be produced by using additive techniques to create the shape, and subtractive methods can work with the shape to create the final product. By doing this, less material is wasted, and the final shape could not be created with either process on its own.

At Protomatic Aerospace, we are constantly learning and adopting new techniques and technologies. Our goal has always been to create the best components in the most effective and efficient way possible. If you have been thinking about partnering with a proven, experienced aerospace manufacturing company, contact us today.