Precision Aerospace Machining Capabilities

  • Thanks to an extensive line of aerospace machining equipment, access to ample resources and our advanced facility in Michigan, Protomatic Aerospace is regarded as the ultimate “one-stop shop” by some of the most prestigious manufacturers in the industry. Our extensive list of aero structure machining equipment far surpasses that of other aerospace machine shops. Plus, Protomatic Aerospace provides skilled craftsmen with decades of experience to ensure your product is completed efficiently and on time.

    At Protomatic Aerospace, our expertise extends well beyond the machining process. We also offer advanced design services and utilize the most advanced design equipment available. We specialize in low volume controlled manufacturing and small run controlled processes to ensure that your project receives the time and attention it deserves. Furthermore, we offer other advanced quality control techniques, utilizing customer supplied or Protomatic generated Design Failure Effect Mode Analysis (DFEMA).  Protomatic prepares the "Controlled Manufacturing Process"  encorporating   Process Failure Effect Mode Analysis (PFEMA) and Critical Safety Inspection (CSI)  techiques for your parts.

    In addition to our range of aerospace machining equipment, advanced design services and thorough quality control techniques, Protomatic Aerospace has assembled one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams of engineers and craftsmen anywhere. With decades of combined experience in engineering and machining, our aero structure development specialists ensure that your product is completed quickly, efficiently and to your exact specifications.
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