Innovations in CNC Machined Aerospace Components

  • One of the most distinctive characteristics of Protomatic Aerospace in comparison to our competitors is our familiarity with a vast range of materials. We work with primarily with aluminum (356, 2024, 6061, 7075), stainless steels (17-4PH, 13-8 Mo), titanium (6AL-4V Grade 5, Ti Grade 2), and plastics (Ultem, Teflon, Delrin, Rulon, Torlon), but, also work with rubbers and composites.  Our experience with the engineering of elemental materials, refractory (such as Tungsten, Niobium), and super alloys (such as Inconel, Monel) sets us apart from other aerospace machine shops.

    A constant innovator in aerospace CNC machining, Protomatic enjoys the reputation of capably machining materials which other aerospace CNC machine shops refuse to touch. We are sometimes asked to work with elements with physical and chemical properties which need to be carefully considered in the milling and machining process. We can help our clients find the optimum materials for any aerospace project based on superconductivity, melting point, oxidation resistance, durability and other characteristics. Furthermore, we have advanced capabilities in 5-axis aerospace machining, 4-axis laser engraving, engineering services and other technical processes which set us apart from aerospace machine shops.

    Thanks to our large Michigan facilities, diverse capabilities, equipment resources, and conservative, steadfast business practices, we at Protomatic Aerospace have been able to supply fast, efficient service to countless satisfied customers for four decades. We are a leading contract manufacturer of aerospace CNC machining components, high-precision prototypes, and short-run machine components and assembly. We maintain our high standards of quality through exhaustive testing and state-of-the-art quality inspection.

    At Protomatic Aerospace, we’re constantly looking for ways to expand our services and aerospace CNC machining capabilities. We recently added a 4-Axis Optical Vision System (Nikon VMR-3020) and  8-Axis CNC Mill-Turn machine (Tsugami TMA8-III), for applications in the aerospace industry.

    In addition to staying on top of the latest innovations in aerospace machining, we at Protomatic also understand that certain projects in the aerospace industry deal with confidential matters. We guarantee confidentiality for our customer’s projects.  If you’re working on a patent you can rest assured that your information is in safe hands at Protomatic Aerospace.

  • Nikon Vision System